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Doctor Owen Harper is to blame for End!verse Castiel

Bear with me on this. It got into my head a few days ago and it won’t leave.

Metatron gave Castiel all of the books and tv/movies he had consumed in his existence. Giving that he mentions Retcon, we can assume he has watched Torchwood. (Gotta hand it to Metatron, he’s a dick, but at least he likes Torchwood.)

There is this sweet exchange in Torchwood between Ianto Jones and Doctor Owen Harper in the season 2 episode, Sleeper.

Ianto Jones: It’s all over. 
Owen Harper: [pauses] Let’s all have sex. 

So when Castiel loses all hope, he turns to the Owen Harper school of thinking, and participates in multiple orgies.

I’m sorry for exposing you to the way my mind works.